It’s release day!

Today is the day. One year ago today I was driving down I-80 toward Omaha and BOOM a story was born. I knew my leading lady was going to be named Amelia. And my leading man, Aidan. I knew how it would start and how it would end, but I didn’t know anything else. 

For three months I wrote and wrote. I “pantsed” as they like to call it when you don’t use an outline and you just bang it out. And then I rewrote 80% of it in the second draft. And 40% in the third. I tweaked and tweaked and made everyone I know listen as I droned on about my book. But some part of me never truly thought the day would come when I would hold it in my hands. 

Today, I opened a box and pulled out MY BOOK. 

I hope that you take a chance on it and that you enjoy the world I’ve built. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. I’ve tried to ready myself for the inevitable negative reviews. But, no matter what happens, as of this moment I can forever say that I, Stormy Smith, am truly an author. 

Thank you so very much for your support in this journey. There is so much more to come. Much love.

Here’s the link to Bound by Duty on Amazon! 

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