Teaser Tuesday! 

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

In the indie world, we love themes. And a constant theme is Teaser Tuesday, so I’m playing along this week with a second Duty Bound teaser. After this week, teasers posted to the site will not be promoted to social channels for two days following the post. So they truly will be exclusives and found here first. If you want to get the scoop early, and not worry about Facebook hiding things, please sign up using the form to the right. I will only send out teasers and updates on the release. No rambling posts. No spam. Promise.

Enough of that, let’s get to it!

Teaser #2

Without looking back at me, he squeezed my hand tightly, our fingers interlaced. His pressing hard into the divots between the bones in my hand. He clutched at my hand as if I could keep him here, pull him away from the memories that overwhelmed him, that threatened to pull him down into a place I could feel he didn’t want to go.

“You can tell me. But only if you want to.” I put the words between us and let the silence follow, turning back to stare at the sky and give him time to decide. I had no idea what he had been through, what he would say, but I understood what the darkness of truth could do to you if you let it.

“I don’t know why, but I want to tell you, Amelia.” Aidan pushed his other hand through his hair and left it behind his head. “It’s insane because I never tell anyone this stuff. But I want to tell you. Before this goes any further, I want you to know who I am.” 

He still wasn’t looking at me so while I saw him in my peripheral, I did the same, keeping my gaze on the clouds. “Then tell me,” I said, making an unconscious decision. I surprised myself when I finished with, “Tell me and I’ll tell you.”

The longer Aidan held my hand, the more I got used to the feel of my nerves being raw and the increased sensations. As I laid there and waited for him to speak,I felt him slide his middle finger up and down in a slow rhythm between the bones of my hand. I could feel the callouses on his palm and the heat he radiated. It was soothing and for once I truly felt in control, at least as far as my power was concerned. My heartbeat, however, raced triple time as I had time to realize that I was laying on the forest floor holding hands with Aidan Montgomery, waiting for him to peel back the layers of man I wanted nothing more than to know. Someone I could give some of my truth to and who wanted to give me his in return.

(unedited and subject to change)

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