So, what about book two?

Last week was a big week. For those who follow my Facebook page, you got to see my crazy “Thank you” video for hitting 1000 copies sold of Bound by Duty (you can check it out here), being ranked in three countries and having sold books in at least eight different countries. 

I am still reeling and can’t thank you guys enough. Really and truly – you rock my world in ways I didn’t know possible. It’s inspiring on so many levels.

A consistent question I’ve heard over the last few weeks through direct messages on Twitter and Facebook, and via reviews, has been “When will we get book two?!” And I am here to let you know!

Book two is tentatively titled “Bound by Spells” and my goal is to release it in the first quarter of 2015. I wrote and published Bound by Duty in 12 months and my goal with BBS is 8 months. I think I can do it, but I’ll be honest in that I have graduate school starting up this week and a full-time job, so the best I can give you right now is first quarter. The great news is that I’m already eight chapters in and the words are flowing. I have the book fully outlined and am hopeful things will keep clicking.

The really fun news is that Amazon has recently made pre-orders a possibility for self-published authors. So, 90 days out, I’ll be able to put Bound by Spells up on Amazon and you can one-click to your heart’s content. On the day BBS releases, it will magically show up in your Kindle app. So, if you want to make double-tripe-quadruple sure you don’t miss the pre-order notification, make sure you sign up for the New Release Newsletter. You’ll only get new release-related emails – I pinky swear. 

Please keep doing what you’ve been doing – every sale keeps me going, every review inspires the hell out of me and teaches me where to focus while writing BBS and every message you send to me shoots me over the moon. I had no idea what this would feel like and I wish I could find the right words to convey what it means. 

Much love — Stormy

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