Have you heard about my super-secret project?

I’ve been talking about this super-secret project of mine for a few weeks. I’ll start by saying that I have to thank a few of my Facebook fans for the idea, it wasn’t mine. But not an hour after they posted on my wall and starting agreeing with each other, I found myself downloading lyrics, plotting out scenes and developing my first-ever VIDEO SCRIPT! 

Over the next week the hubs helped me film a few different segments, I asked my fans to submit photos and a few special guest stars submitted their photos and videos for inclusion. After my first go-round with iMovie and five hours of editing later, behold, as I SHAKE IT OFF!

With my love of TSwift, you guys aren’t surprised, right? I can be honest in saying that as a female artist she is a true inspiration. She’s classy, she’s business savvy and she loves her fans. Those are all things I aspire toward and a big reason I’m a huge fan of hers.

All I ask is that if you enjoyed my little bit of crazy that you might share the link to YouTube on one of your social channels. I would love to build a buzz and get people excited about me and the Bound series. 

And you never know, T could see it and then that would just be the coolest thing ever. So, you know, hook a girl up. 😉

Much love,

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